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Metadash helps AWS users improve security, stability, and scalability with a simpler, smarter cloud console.

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Do cloud the right way

Metadash makes fixing your cloud easy by replacing clunky tools and manual processes with intelligent automation and a simple interface designed for operators.

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Discover cloud issues fast across accounts and regions

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Fix issues quickly using automatic and manual methods

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Inspect essential resource info

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Understand the cloud posture of a resource fast. Review security and stability issues then focus on what matters most.

Metadash resource metrics


View important resource metrics, such as CPU usage and spend, in real time. Get a sense of resource health instantly.

Metadash resource details


Get operationally relevant resource details, like identifiers, machine specs, and networking config in one convenient place.


Manage your resource tags in a consistent, user-friendly way.


See everybody responsible for a resource at a glance.


Connect to a resource quickly with a list of access points.


Understand how resources connect to each other.

Find the right cloud resource easily with instant resource search

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Get comprehensive reports of all of your cloud issues

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Includes 10 users and 1000 resources.
Unlimited cloud accounts and scans.

14 day money back guarantee.

Prepay for a year and save $1,200.


additional 100 resources.


additional 10 users.

Resources billed at $0.0028 per hour.
Active users billed for whole month.

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Fast easy setup. 14 days free. Cancel any time.


  • Is there a free plan?

    Yes, Metadash offers a free plan for accounts with one user and 100 resources or less. Some functionality may be limited for free plan accounts.

  • How does the 14 day trial period work?

    After signing up and connecting Metadash to your cloud, you have 14 days to use Metadash before adding a payment method. Some functionality may be limited during the trial period. If no payment method is added after the trial period, the account will be moved to the free tier.

  • Is there an alternative to monthly pricing?

    Yes, a $99 day pass with unlimited Metadash usage is available.

  • Is Metadash a PaaS (platform as a service)?

    Metadash manages existing resources, it's not a platform as a service.