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Metadash helps AWS users improve security, stability, and scalability with a simpler, smarter cloud console.

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Designed to help you get the job done


Forget dozens of complex cloud services with crufty interfaces and complex details. Metadash is designed to keep you focused, not overwhelmed.


Metadash is built from the ground up for engineers by engineers around modern workflows, with as much automation as possible.


Cloud is complex, so Metadash is designed to make sure you have the guidance and support you need for projects of all sizes.


Core AWS services are supported with more coming soon.

Amazon RDS
Amazon EC2
Amazon S3
Amazon VPC

What you can do

Discover security and stability issues instantly

Fix issues fast using manual and automated approaches

Inspect essential resource details

Find cloud resources quickly across accounts

Generate comprehensive reports of cloud issues



Includes 1 user and 10 resources.


Each additional resource.


Each additional user.

Resources billed at $0.00028 per hour.
Users billed for month in advance.

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Fast easy setup. 14 days free. Cancel any time.